UI we are working on


Here is a sample of the UI Michael has been working on.  It is work in progress and has been blurred out a bit as we are still building in secret (well a little bit anyway).

As always if you want to have a look at the non blurred version get in touch.

Check us out on github.com

Sharing is caring! Well that is what we think anyway.  We are using a lot of free and open source software to create Appsbooth and we feel we should give back to help others as we have been helped. This is why we are sharing some of research and development work with you via github.com.

There you can currently find our Actionscript Native Extensions (ANEs) for accessing your phone contacts, keychain, network information and camera functions.  We have also shared some python and javascript code too.  Check it out for full details.

We like blue!


We are big fans of the colour blue! We do, however, like some other colours too.  Here is a sneak peak of a colour scheme we are working on for our application.

Have a look through and let us know what you think! We are all ears!

Our new logo!

Appsbooth Logo

We have a logo!

Our designer, Michael, has been working tirelessly to perfect every stroke on this piece of art.  We are very proud of it and wonder if you love it as much as we do? Give us some feedback by commenting below or by getting in touch.  We are waiting!

Hello world!

Hello everybody,

Welcome to our blog.  We at Appsbooth are embarking on a huge adventure.  We are building the best productivity and personal organising  platform ever!  We are going to be sharing some of our journey with you along the way.

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about us, if you would like to work with us or if you would just like to talk to us about antiques, video games or climbing.